One: Our sustenance, our wealth and our future all reside in the land beneath our feet. This wealth belongs to the Australian people and should always be developed and used in the best interests of the Australian people.  

Two: We cannot borrow our way to prosperity. Present borrowing and the resulting growing debt is a burden on the people that will destroy our standard of living if not curtailed.

Three: The only way we can have a country that works for everyone, is when everyone in the country works and does so under the same laws.

Four: It is the land we share that unites us as one people. Regardless of ethnic or racial origin or how long our ancestors have lived in this country, every person born in Australia is an equal indigenous citizen of this country with equal rights to share in the opportunities and resources of our land.

Five: Three decades of failure to invest in the infrastructure needed to supply our growing population with basic services like water and power, while unwisely investing our limited capital in non-profit producing so-called renewable energy, city transport and climate change abatement has left our economy incapable of competing with the rest of the world.

Six: Slavish adherence to green dogma has done great harm to our economy, our productivity and even our environment. The impossible pursuit of climate abatement policy has destroyed our productive capacity by making the price of essential inputs uneconomic.

Seven: Only a strong and self-sufficient defence force can defend our island nation. We must produce and have available here in Australia all of the resources and back-up required to maintain an operational capability.  Reliance on imported fuel is a major weakness of our defence capability.

Eight: Ownership and managing of utilities such as transport facilities, ports, electricity production and distribution, water conservation and distribution and gas distribution must always be vested with the people and managed by entities controlled by the people. Combined with our natural resources of land, water, climate and the knowhow of our adaptive and competitive people, we can be the most prosperous nation on earth.

Nine: Without personal freedom we cannot have prosperity. Both are dependent on curtailing the size of Government, rejecting socialism, destroying terrorism and fighting totalitarianism and globalisation which are the enemies of the people and their freedom.


The following policies are part of a comprehensive plan to make Australia productive, prosperous and proudly independent.

The Road to National Prosperity has been developed as a proposal for action, to be immediately implemented by a newly elected Federal Government. It will need and should have the support of State Governments and the people.

It is a call to action by Australian patriots to re-establish Australia as a CAN DO nation; ultimately making us a leader in engineering, construction, technology development, manufacturing and agriculture.

It is a blunt call to both State and Federal Governments to stop hindering our productive enterprise and provide the sparks to fire up our potential.

Our nation today is a shadow of the CAN DO enthusiasm that started with our settlers and was boldly echoed by visionaries like Ben Chifley and his Minister for Public Works Nelson Lemon when they announced the commencement of the Snowy Scheme. Chifley said on that day: “This is a plan for the nation and it needs the whole nation to back it”

The nation did back it and the Snowy Scheme became the catalyst to half a century of national growth and achievement. We proved we could assimilate people from all over the world and develop technological and production advantages that made us prosperous and proud. By doing so we repaid the debts of the war effort. We must again do similar.

During that growth period optimism for our technological and resource development transformed us from an agrarian British outpost to a prosperous and independently productive nation. Over the last two decades our adaptive Aussie enthusiasm has been suffocated by the imposition of regressive regulation often based on Green ideology, the sale of our “Tools of Trade” and the worship of market speculation, with the predictable outcome of closing factories, degrading infrastructure and job losses.

Now jobs are dependant on service industries and a growing bureaucracy means our economy can no longer provide the permanent employment that underpins the standard of living to which we have become accustomed; a standard presently kept afloat only on borrowed money.

As a result our citizens are not future orientated and uninspired by plans beyond tomorrow. They unrealistically expect everything from Government today.

“The food we eat, the water we drink and the power we use for most of our endeavours, are available only because previous generations invested their knowhow and money for the future.  It is time this selfish generation did the same.”  Ron Pike.

This policy is about changing this National Lethargy into National Enthusiasm for the future.


The Road to National Prosperity

Propagated to give the Australian people new hope in the future with details of how we:

  • Generate new employment opportunities for all of our people in productive taxpaying jobs. At least 1 million new taxpaying jobs in the short term.
  • Restore the Federal budget to surplus and keep it there.
  • Reinstate the people’s freedom and unity by defeating all causes of terrorism and division.
  • Re-establish water, power, gas, fuel and food security for our nation.
  • Establish a nationwide system of flood and drought control.
  • Demonstrate that man is part of the environment and has the ability to improve as well as nurture the land we share with other species.
  • Halt the misanthropy of the Greens whose policies are destroying our future.
  • Develop new infrastructure corridors to bring together the inputs for production across our vast continent.
  • Foster the union of our industrious people with our extensive resources to sell to the world finished product rather than the raw materials as we presently do.
  • Ensure that this vital infrastructure is designed and built by Australian companies.
  • Is always managed by Australian entities and manned by Australian workers.


A patriotic heart has no room for prejudice.” (Donald Trump)

When we can’t even build and equip an Australian house without importing much of what is required. WE HAVE A FAILED ECONOMY!

Our starting point to address this problem is a failing economy being kept afloat by unsustainable borrowings.

The Road to National Prosperity recognises that we must run an economy that generates jobs for our whole population, including our migrant intake. If we cannot grow our economy to employ our new citizens on arrival we should reduce immigration until we can. Present policy is a costly failure and the only growth it is generating is at Centrelink, mental health clinics and welfare agencies.

The Road to National Prosperity” is a practical plan to make available to all Australian enterprises an abundant supply of the basic inputs to business activity at a price that ensures their international competitiveness and to allow our people the sustainable access to our natural resources which should be their birthright.

Short sighted over regulation of that which is our natural advantage has turned us into a debtor nation with poor prospects, because of ever rising costs caused in large part by the foolish pursuit of “renewable energy” and climate change abatement, on which such policies can have no impact.

The policy presented here is about correcting this national malaise by sweeping away barriers to the people’s freedom to produce.



Owned by the Australian People.



            Photo: Tumut 3 Power Station: Water generating income from clean power for the third time on its way to be used again for power, recreation and crop production.

THE AUSTRALIAN INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (AIF) will be charged with the design, construction and ongoing management of infrastructure and businesses to produce and deliver to the people power, water, gas, diesel fuel and other by-products like fertilizer.

We will take back control of our power production and distribution networks along with our transport and port facilities and never again will we allow these vital tools of production to be owned and controlled by those outside of Australia.

 The AIF will begin with its core asset being Snowy Hydro which presently pays to its three Government shareholders around $400 million per year in dividends. AIF will be funded by issuing bonds to our super funds and others to be repaid from profits derived from running these essential industries. The building of this job creating infrastructure will not be a burden on the Federal or State budgets.

STEP 1: Bring down a new budget cutting the expenditure of ALL departments sufficient to balance the budget as a starting point to fiscal responsibility.

STEP 2:  Halt immigration until we get our present workforce into productive jobs. That is national unemployment of 2% or less before we recommence controlled immigration.

STEP 3: Aim to halve the present price of power by providing abundant base load power for Australia’s future needs at the lowest possible cost. This power will be generated from hydro, clean coal and gas, managed by AIF and established across the country as required.

STEP 4: Immediately stop all funding and subsidies to so-called renewable energy sources.

STEP 5: Take back control of our distribution networks to ensure that delivery of low cost power is fundamental to our future productivity and competitiveness.

STEP 6: Develop our vast gas reserves with first priority being to ensure all Australians have access to gas at much cheaper prices than those presently charged.  Extend our gas pipelines to areas of production, where OUR gas can be used to OUR advantage by OUR producers.

STEP 7: Remove all excise and other Government charges from diesel fuel. Have AIF in conjunction with private industry establish production of diesel fuel from coal sufficient to supply all of Australia’s needs together with large reserves. If commercial to do so, develop the shale oil reserves of SA to make Australia self-sufficient in all fuels. We must refine our fuel needs here in Australia.

STEP 8: Develop ancillary industries to this fuel production process which would produce fertilizer (Urea in particular) and chemicals that we presently import. The first two sites for these plants would be the undeveloped Oaklands Basin near Urana in southern NSW and the coal fields of the Bowen Basin in Queensland.

STEP 9: Replace the totally failed and counter-productive Murray-Darling Basin Plan with “The Plan that Works for All,” administered by the AIF which would take over the management of our vast water resources and manage them in the national interest.

Salient points from “The Plan that Works for All.”

  1. Correct forever the hyper-salinity and environmental problems in the Coorong and Lower Lakes as detailed.
  2. Build a lock and weir at Wellington and return the Lower Lakes to an estuarine environment while maintaining lake water levels for recreation.
  3. As a result guarantee all water users in SA all the fresh water they will ever need at prices comparable to water prices up stream and provide over three million MLs of water annually for productive use upstream. This alone will generate over $6 Billion PA of economic activity and produce 30,000 new jobs in the short term.
  4. Reassess the Chowilla Dam as a permanent guarantee of SA’s water supply and allowing increased production in three States and a wonderful recreational resource in a dry environment. Many industries would grow from this resource.
  5. Build extra storages on the Darling catchment and River, guaranteeing all of Darling River flow in all seasons and maintenance of Menindee Lakes as the source of water for Broken Hill and surrounds and renew the pipeline from the Lakes to Broken Hill.
  6. Instigate the building of the Lake Coolah-Stony Point Storage which will provide around 300,000 MLs of extra water every year for MIA and CIA irrigators, generating another 8,000 jobs.
  7. Diversion of high flows in the Kiewa River into Hume Dam.
  8. Increasing the capacity of Lake Buffalo.
  9. Build a dam on the Billabong Creek.

STEP 10: Implement the Upper Clarence storage and diversion scheme which will allow expanded agricultural and aquatic production in the Clarence Valley as well as provide an extra 1,200,000 MLs of water annually to the Darling system. This Scheme would do for our nation this century what the Snowy Scheme did in the last century and would initially generate at least 20,000 new taxpaying jobs and many times that number as the resources produced became available to the Australian producers.

STEP 11: Commence an ongoing program of dam building and hydro power production in all states sufficient to provide all of Australia’s power and water needs for the next century at world competitive prices. Plans to do this have been documented for every mainland state. These plans will provide abundant water for municipalities, industry, mining and agriculture and never again will the state or municipalities be allowed to use water as a tax stream. Every mega litre of water released to these end users will produce cheap clean hydro power for use by the same end users, thus paying for the facility.

STEP 12: Make this increased water and power available to our adaptive producers who will expand our manufacturing industry, our food and fibre production along with processing, transport and other ancillary industries, thereby creating the jobs we need to get all of our people into work. Job creation will be ongoing as new resources become available.

STEP 13: Negotiate with the NSW Government to develop the vast aquifers of the lower Murrumbidgee and Lachlan Valleys presently locked up by bureaucratic regulation. The availability of much cheaper power costs will be vital to this expansion. Development of this massive resource (2 Billion megalitres of water) would result in a new food bowl generating at least $4 Billion of annual economic activity and 20,000 new jobs.  

STEP 14: Build a north-south transport corridor catering for both railway and road transport with a speed limit of at least 150 Klms/hour, from Melbourne to Mount Isa (with links to other centres), connecting these areas of expanded production and passing through an international freight hub north of Griffith specifically built for the purpose of exporting our increased production. This transport corridor will facilitate the movement of produce to the export facilities and is vital to the efficient production of fertilizer, fuel and ancillary products by combining the raw materials from the north and south and passing through the areas of end use.

International Freight Terminal to be built near Griffith.

STEP 15: Bring together our resources of iron ore, coal, bauxite, power, gas and people to process these basic resources into finished product rather than simply exporting the raw materials.

STEP 16:  Taxpayer funding of sinecures that provide lavish remuneration from appointment to the grave for the governing class will cease.


Successful travel along this Road to Prosperity will be dependent on complementary policy in many other areas.

The Economy and Budget: Responsible and prudent management of the economy is crucial to our future. Recent Governments have allowed mammoth growth of the governing sector with resultant budget deficits that will quickly cripple our nation if we do not change our addiction to over-government and unnecessary regulation.

UCP would immediately introduce a budget that cuts expenditure across ALL departments sufficient to match budget income. Departmental heads would be instructed to make these cuts at the highest administrative level and try to avoid major cuts at the service delivery area. A major pruning of the Federal bureaucracy is long overdue and will result in a more vigorous approach to the tasks of delivering government services. 

UCP would aim to have the Federal Budget in surplus every year allowing debt repayment and thereby force Canberra to live within its means. Money for national infrastructure would be financed as detailed in the Road to Prosperity and would not affect the budget.

We would aggressively seek to cut the size and cost of Government starting with the number of staff supporting Ministers and all Politicians and prune the entitlements of all commonwealth staff as part of cutting the waste that has grown out of control in Canberra.

Generous sinecures for life that have become the norm for so many in the governing class need to be dispassionately reviewed and in most cases severely pruned.

We would seek to make superannuation entitlements for parliamentary representatives match those in the non-government sector.

Implementation of The Road to Prosperity will increase the number of taxpaying jobs and decrease the number of taxpayer funded jobs, thereby growing Government revenue by getting people off welfare and into work, especially in regional areas.

Industrial Relations: The “reforms” to Fair Work Australia passed by the Gillard Government have left Australia with industrial relations law that is stifling productivity and massively adding to costs in vital areas like health care, policing, aged care and construction. We cannot achieve job growth and productivity without more flexible industrial relations. Specifically employers need to be able to employ people on a shift basis without the present job destroying exorbitant penalty rates. Nor can we continue to have FWA set pay and conditions unrelated to productivity and open markets. 

UCP will reform Fair Work Australia not to penalise workers, but to generate more permanent jobs and assure that the Australian economy has the flexibility to grow at a much faster rate, assuring permanent work for all.

Business Policy: UCP believes in limited regulation and open competition across all businesses including the Banking system; but will closely monitor the banks to ensure they reasonably support the ongoing development of our small and medium businesses including the agricultural sector. Growth of the financial services sector outside the “Four Pillars” is vital to our productive growth. UCP will foster the growth of this sector as the best means of “keeping the Banks honest.”

UCP recognises that Small-Medium Enterprises are Australia’s biggest employer and vital to the Australian economy. We will work with SMEs and their representative bodies to develop better policy and eliminate the unnecessary burdens placed on them by the compliance costs of green and red tape.

If the corporate tax rate in USA is reduced as proposed by Trump, it will be essential that Australia also reduces the present high company rate to around 25% or less. This will have a big impact on the budget which can only be made up from increased profitable production (Growth.) That is what this policy will deliver by making all businesses more competitive.

UCP will ensure that all corporations, both domestic and foreign are complying with all Australian tax laws and regulations and that any financial assistance or taxation relief provided by the government is in the best interests of Australia and its economy.

TAXATION:  UCP will undertake a comprehensive review of all taxation law with the purpose of making it simpler and more efficient. All businesses regardless of size are burdened with very high annual costs just to comply with a very complicated tax act.

A simpler more efficient method of levying and collecting tax would be a great saving to both business and Government. We also promise to tackle the issue of foreign companies who avoid paying their fair share of tax in Australia.

Businesses that operate in Australia but do not produce anything in Australia will be subject to a transaction tax on their Australian operations.

This ROAD TO PROSPERITY will ensure the Government tax receipts grow as a result of more taxpayers and not increased taxation from existing taxpayers as the present Government is doing. 

Policy that results in one million people getting off welfare and into taxpaying jobs improves the budget bottom line by over $35 Billion ($35,000,000,000) annually. 

Goods and Services Tax: UCP will instigate a review of the distribution of the GST revenue with the purpose of making it fairer for all states.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The rock on which open and successful democracies are built is “Thou shall not bear false witness, even if only by omission.” This lofty ideal can only be implemented with an unshakeable commitment to free speech as the basis of all discourse and policy implementation. We will protect all Freedom of Speech with the exception of speech that incites violence. One of our first acts when elected will be to repeal 18c and 18d of the Racial Discrimination Act, and abolish the Australian Human Rights Commission.

FREEDOM OF PRESS: Basic to freedom of speech and a vibrant developing democracy is freedom of the press and diversity within the fourth estate. UCP will at all times uphold these basic principles of democracy. However we express here our annoyance at the politically correct but superficial and shallow lefty group think of most recent media political discourse. It is a blot on our democracy and we expect better in the future.

EDUCATION:  Under our constitution State Governments are responsible for Primary, High School and TAFE education facilities. UCP will remove the Federal Government from education and return all responsibility to the States. As such we will stop the duplication of services and unnecessary costs to the Federal budget. This means that programs like “Safe Schools” will cease being supported and funded by the Federal Government.

Curriculums and how they are taught will be the sole responsibility of the States with all schools competing for students on the quality of their outcomes.

At the State level UCP will ensure that the core educational focus is on the basics of reading and writing in English, mathematics and social interaction. We will cease funding unnecessary indoctrination programs such as the new “Building Belonging” Program created by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

University: We will review all degrees on a national need basis and its associated HECS-HELP debt status. Degrees that offer little or no value to Australian society and business needs will cease to have the option of taking out a HECS-HELP Loan. Students will only be able to access HECS-HELP loans for one degree and one associated masters.

Health Care: Maintenance of the best possible health care for all Australians is the foundation of our health policy and we support Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Beyond that we believe Canberra has increasingly sought to become involved in health without actually providing any recuperative service. Again this is costly and unnecessary duplication of what is a state responsibility and we would stop this needless waste.

UCP believes that all hospitals should be run locally and independently providing appropriate health services for the area they serve. We will prevent State Governments selling off public hospitals to private or corporate entities.

DEFENCE: UCP is passionate about maintaining our defense force at optimum operational levels with the capacity for urgent deployment anywhere when required. All operational requirements for our defense force must be available on a needs basis from Australia. We must never again be reliant on others to keep our military operational.

We passionately support the Anzus Alliance as central to our sovereignty and would seek to build our operational capacity in conjunction with USA and New Zealand. We stoutly support the right of the State of Israel to exist in peaceful coexistence with neighboring states.

While we support present funding for our armed forces we believe there is considerable room for efficiencies at the administration level of the defense establishment and we would seek to see savings in this area diverted to front line operations and support for our veterans. More robust and reliable support for our veterans will be basic to our defense policy.

Specifically we believe the recently signed Submarine deal with the French is a poor deal entered into for political reasons rather than prudent defense needs. We would seek to scuttle this deal before it wastes any more of our treasury funds. If there is a genuine need for submarine defense capability, then purchase of nuclear powered; off the shelf units from USA would seem a better option.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter agreement that Australia has signed could also be a dud deal and we would seek an immediate review of this situation.

Terrorism: It is unacceptable that in a free democratic and tolerant society like Australia that has generously open its doors to people from all other nations, that we have to be subject to the hideous cost and inconvenience of searches and suspicion whenever we go anywhere. When our happy, easy going people cannot even go to a sporting event without suspicion of terrorist potential we have an intolerable situation. We have lost our freedom.

UCP will seek out and destroy the roots of all terrorist activity, because until we do our people cannot be free.  We stand ready to collaborate with and support the USA in President Trump’s aim to eradicate completely from the face of the earth Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Foreign Affairs:

Foreign Aid: UCP would continue the proud history Australia has of quickly and generously aiding our neighbours in the event of natural disaster or any crisis that requires our assistance. But if elected we would reassess our ongoing overseas aid program which is incompatible for a nation going further into debt. Our first priority would be correcting problems at home and paying off our debt. For Australia to be borrowing money just to make aid announcements by attention seeking Federal Ministers on the world stage, is irresponsible.

Trade: UCP will seek an immediate review of all so-called Free Trade Agreements to which Australia is a signatory to ensure they are not in fact disadvantaging the interests of the Australian people. All future agreements must be compatible with Australia’s long term interests and the aspirations of the Australian people.

United Nations and its Agencies: UCP will immediately review every agreement that Australia has signed with agencies of the United Nations. Wherever these agreements are found to restrict the activity of the Australian people to go about their lawful business in their own best interest then we will withdraw from this control by agencies outside of Australia.

Environment: The United Conservative Party recognises that mankind is not only part of “The Environment,” but vital to its management in the best interests of all species that are part of “Our Environment.” We also recognise that which the Greens and other misanthropes do not wish to accept; that the use of “Our Environment” for farming, fishing, grazing, hunting and resource development is not incompatible with good environmental husbandry. We will pass on our land to each following generation, a land in better shape than when we inherited it.

We deplore the indiscriminate locking up of vast areas of previously productive land and water to exclude all use by mankind. This shortsighted and unnecessary action followed by incompetent management of these areas has led to the destruction of pristine forest and aquatic habitat, most of which has been successfully nurtured by man for the last 150 years.  As a result both mankind and native flora and fauna have lost that which benefited the whole environment.

Current management of our forestry and water resources is an unacceptable scandal, costing us dearly and UCP will take action to correct this bad management of our environmental assets.

Restoration of long proven harvesting and management techniques of our abundant forestry and fishing resources would generate thousands of jobs and have much better environmental consequences than the present “lock out and neglect” policy.  

Social Policies

Aboriginal Affairs: We begin by recognising that present conditions for many of our aboriginal people, especially those in remote areas are untenable and incompatible with a responsible society. However, permanently correcting this situation must be based on one land, one people and one law for all.  Separate development will never be acceptable or desirable.

 Value Four:  It is the land we share that unites us as one people. Regardless of ethnic or racial origin or how long our ancestors have lived in this country, every person born in Australia is an equal indigenous citizen of this country with equal rights to share in the opportunities and resources of this land.

The future for our fellow Australians of aboriginal heritage has to be as equal participants in a productive nation. The separate development, different rules regime of recent decades has been a disaster for aboriginal people and a huge drain on the treasury. There can be no proud future living in the past in areas where there will never be the opportunities to have the dignity of a self-supporting job. The aboriginal people must be helped and encouraged to live modern healthy lives where every child receives an education sufficient for them to gain employment or run a business. Attempts, no matter how well intended to have segregated aboriginal communities in remote areas, adhering to a past culture has had terrible consequences, manifested in child sexual abuse, shocking domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and total welfare dependence. This situation is intolerable and will not be corrected by Constitutional recognition, Treaties, changing the date of Australia Day or Reparation.

It will only be corrected when aboriginal people are assisted to accept the personal responsibilities that are expected of every Australian, those of child care and education leading to the self-esteem that can only come from self-sufficiency. Only then will we all become proud participants in a worthwhile and productive future embodying the dignity and self-respect that comes from being a member of a cohesive community and proud of the Australian nation, regardless of our ancestry.

Abortion: Abortion falls under the state government’s jurisdiction. However we will remove Medicare funding from all non-emergency abortion procedures. We will also work with our state governments to outlaw late term abortions.

Family Law: UCP will seek a complete review of Family Law which is presently causing so much heart ache to non-custodial Fathers in particular.

Marriage: UCP is committed to the maintenance of traditional marriage as being that between a man and a woman.


Government Grants: UCP will set up a Grants Assessment Board, to professionally review and assess all requests for Government research and development assistance. This Board will be able to call on experts in the fields of science, telecommunications and the like to ensure that any grants approved are likely to have national benefits. We expect a return on all taxpayer funding. Recent growth of Commonwealth grants has been a drag on Treasury and often given for the most frivolous of purposes.

Mining and Extractive Industries: While ownership and control of resources is vested with the States, UCP will seek to have each state give to all owners of freehold title the same rights as Aboriginal landholders. That is the owner’s right to refuse entry onto and the establishment of extractive industries on their land. This does not preclude owners from entering into mutually agreeable deals with mining companies if they wish, but it does ensure that prime farming land can be maintained for that purpose if that is the wish of the owner.


This is a wonderful new journey led by Patriots who know we can be the most productive country in the world and we can take the whole nation with us on this exciting journey.

Acknowledgement: Much of the research, assessment and planning for the water conservation and hydro power schemes in this plan have been undertaken and compiled by the Australian Water Exploration Company. AWEC is a not for profit company whose members have spent over ten years of their time and money doing this work in the national interest. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

We also acknowledge and thank the many others who have given so much of their knowledge to this plan. Too many to list here but their input has been vital.